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Now conquer the coordinator's body


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  • Bodhisatti in police custody is 10 relatives
  • The number of sinners will be 100
  • Let's surrender in the second week of February
  • Promotions are very strong, but it does not
  • Now there is panic in the area about the surrender
  • What about surrender?

Former technife MLA Abdur Rahman Badiye has not been able to do so as a precautionary measure of the terrorist business. He is coordinator at the surrender of the other UAE traders listed by the government. But the local police department refused to call the coordinator. Like many other languages, their bid helps in this process.

The Prime Minister's Office, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry and the Narcotics Control Department, has been found guilty of the comprehensive investigation of the home ministry. At Monday's first light of transit jets in Tech-Myanmar, he said, "Yaab was syndicated and poured huge amounts of money in the list of governments.

But relatives of many people who surrendered in the first light said they knew that the MP would surrender first. But now you do not bid. There was scare around them. Because, they do not know, what about the conquerors? The law enforcement agencies can apologize for staying in jail for three to six months. Some people think that if there is a crossfire scare, it's good to be in custody, outside the police.

Earlier, arrested Yaba merchants were arrested. But Abdur Rehman was not arrested. And then sponsored this sponsored message to the media. Talk with him on television talk shows. However, he was sentenced to a month's imprisonment for allegedly gaining wealth.

The day of surrender of yaba traders has not yet been finalized. But the Superintendent of Basar Masad Hussain in Kaks in the first light, everything is final, but the police surrendered in a week. It can be a day in the second week of February. He expects hundreds of yaba traders to surrender.

Around 66 people who surrendered were arrested at the Cox Bazar police lines. Of these, there were 2 to 16 cases. There are at least five general representatives in this list. The three brothers of Abdur Rahman Bodi were told by Abdul Amin. Shafeek and MD Faisal; Cosin said. Fahadhato brother Kamal Islam, Bhagwan Sahadur Rahman, Beey Jamal Hussain, Shaheed Kamal and Mossen Hosien, member of the Subragun Union Parishad. The three sisters of the body surrendered from Dubai.

Abdur Rehman Baddi himself admitted that relatives of the yamba traders list agreed to surrender. He communicated with each other. He is not willing to comment on the number of relatives, whether or not he will trade. Bidy said, "Sisters, sisters, their names come, I believe you have the law, it does not exist, I do not speak it now, prove it in the court, I speak to all, policemen … if you keep at home, you will tell the truth.

Bodi's younger brother Abdus Shukur, Maulvi Mujibur Rahman, daughter Kaul Hassan Razal, Syed Hussein's younger sister, Badi bhai shukoor accountant and Maruf bin Khaleel account of a boy account. They do not know whether they should surrender or not.

66 from the Godfather House of the Ministry of Interior and 66 in Southnacia. The drug was launched on May 4 last year. Then 286 people were killed and a violation of the law in Iraq. In the meanwhile, the government started the process of conquering the narcotics traders.

Prothomo said to the relatives of the three whom he had handed over to the subordinate. A relative at Old Pollenpark in Tekaphf said the surrender process had begun shortly after being sworn in as Bodyguard's wife MP. He returned to Tehnaf that he would not take responsibility if he did not surrender within five days. He conquered himself, and he said. So everyone must surrender to the government, and if you surrender to the government, you should apologize. Those who surrendered on January 11 were taken to the Southafa League League office. Since then, the Cox Bazar police lines have been taken.

The surrender of a businessman from the South Caucasus bus stand is on Thursday. The Awami League office is also located here in Teknap. In the afternoon, Abdur Rehman reached Awami League office near Badri. The motorcycle was in front of the shop and behind the car. Body car went to conquer Inspector Inamulk Hash in Nasirpara. His brother MD at that time. Faisal submits. We did not know whether he was in the car or not. The body car then arrived at the Cox Bazaar. There was a private television channel car. The body of the body is said to be a journalist on TV channel. Relatives relatives said they know they & # 39; ve sent relatives to their MMS. & # 39;

Abdur Rehman budi denied the coordination of the surrender process. In the first light, he said, only after the election I should ask for it. I said, people die before the eyes. The wife is the husband, the child loses his father and hears everywhere. How long will you do this? You're trying to surrender. I said this. They volunteered voluntarily. He also said that Kashmiri or firing had taken place to create a surrender. It feeds the people and seizes them. it's good. He said every person would surrender.

No one knows what will happen
At least two responsibilities are mentioned in the first light. At present 65 or 66 people have been subdued by the police. No one knows where to stay. Among the people in the police, Tefk Upalaela Parishad chairman Jafar Ahmad's son Thidar Miya, Maya's nephew. Vice-Union Union Parishad member Wrestle Karim, Upazila BNP general secretary Ziyah Rehman, Abdur Rehman, Tech municipality councilor Noorul Beshar Nashad, Women's counselor Kahinur husband Shah Alam, Southnaf, Siraj and Hainila UP. Member Nurul Huda, member of the Sadar Union Parishad, Ethan Malhak, Hinaala Abdullah and Said Ahmad.

There were five cases against Abdul Amin, Nurse Hooda and Inamul Haq, five accused in the 11 cases against Zia Rehman and Abdur Rehman. Shah Alam 4, Md. Nine of them have been named as Zubair, nine inmates Mosemmel, Mong Mong Singh and Syed Ahmad. Among the families of these five were a pitcher.

No relatives were found on Monday to visit the homes of two brothers Goder Bill, Abdur Rehman and Ziar Rehman. If names do not reveal, one of their relatives said in the first light of mobile, "We heard Abdur Rehman badi surrendered. Now they are suspect of the transparency of this process.

Abdul Rahman Bedi, a relative of relatives and residents of Jalibara, said they met with relatives living in Dubai. He accepted his promise and surrendered to the south. Body relatives are also surrendered. It is a relief for them now. But they do not know what will happen.

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