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No Prêtrak & # 39; No & # 39;

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta is different from other films. Others are busy with acting, but the actress's thinking is a bit different. Preity is a success. This is a great opportunity for cricket and cricket. He is the owner of Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. Preity Zinta returns property worth Rs 600 crore Of course, it is possible for him. Aditya Baba Shantar Amroli took over the subject. Bollywood director Kamal Amroli's son Shandar Amrita Preity was accepted. Her favor has grown tremendously. After the death of Priya, she acquired assets worth Rs 600 crore. But the acquisition of the property was not permitted. For this reason, love affairs are known to many in their hard work. That is why he is a successful businessman today. That is why he easily threw the Rs. 600 crore returns.

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