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If the yield is good, the farmers lose the lowest price

Madapur: Motherborough borer paddy is good but the price of depressed farmers is low. Farmers now change the weight of paddy. One side is less expensive because the workers are concerned about the loss of farmers due to loss of farmers.

Farmers say the price of rice is between Rs 6 to 7 lakh. The price of this rice is only 4 to 5 lakhs.

Once the paddy is grown, the farmers can lose their losses. The resulting rice is now the farmer's head.

Visited various parts of the district. Field borow rice. Farmers are a good time for farmers and harvesting. The rice is falling apart. However, due to low prices in the market, the paddy farmers are advised to avoid.

According to the District Agricultural Officer, these berries are being cultivated in Kalkini, Rajmor, Shibchar and Sadar Upazila districts in the district on 3 and 58 hectares this season. Barrofi has planted 32,000 hectares in 1,700 hectares. Bio Hybrid cultivated 3,220 hectares of land.Paddy field Photo: banglanewsRice crop is better than last year as per Agriculture Office.

The farmers from different parts of the district say that the yield of the borrower rice is good compared to last year. However, it is clear that the workers are not available for harvesting. Rupee workers will be spending Rs 5 to 7 lakhs. But there is no rice in the market.

The farmers say that they should take their crops in the labor crisis. There was a lot of trouble in the rice land. If the market is rightly priced, it will be in trouble. In future, farmers will be free of paddy in the future.

The farmers are trained in different groups to improve rice production. GAA Gafoor, Director of Mothership Agricultural Extension, said. This year the entire paddy and paddy area of ​​the district is very good. But farmers are disappointed because of rice prices.

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