Thursday , June 8 2023

I can talk to you once again


This is very bad. I have not written anything. If it is difficult to intervene, it is very difficult. You can not finish writing to the Bulbul. His talent, talented musician, musician; There are 1 million people. From the 1971 bulb, I will say, Father, I'll sing for myself. Can I sing a faraway land? Bulbul. I will tell him, no, I'll sing you. I have already done some songs. "I said one day when I listened to your song, I heard the sound of his song, and I have not heard of these songs before, and it's very strange that I did not know that a son had too many skills and tunes.

His writing, songwriting and music are even more remarkable. Each song was singing, I thought I saw a picture. Song words and tunes are very beautiful, and each song looks like a picture in front of my eyes. I missed this thing. Because of that thought, singing and singing with my soul. The bulb was very happy to hear songs.

My first song song with Bulb was broadcast on BTV. We had five songs. Then we sang a song. What else to say about BTV? All the songs were saved by BTV. There are so many songs in many songs, one does not take me, my daughter does not take it, by the railway track, no one else does not get married, not aunt, many songs, including many songs. The death of the bulbul remained unresolved. It can not be said. Feel uneasy

Most importantly, he was a 15-year-old freedom fighter. It is a great thing to fight for the country at a very young age. But what did we do to judge it? We could not check a capable ability like the Bulbul. At the beginning of last year, a photo is singing. I do not remember the song now. Then he went back again. There was a wish to meet, but there was no time. And now I feel bad and I think I can talk! That is not possible. I would like the peace of the soul of Bulbul.

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