Friday , June 9 2023

Guru Salahuddin-Shakeeb's & # 39; Fan & # 39;


What happened in Shakib Al Hassan during the batting at Dhaka Dynamite, in the comedy Victorian coach Mohamed Salahuddin? Coach's controversy involves the removal of coach Salahuddin's umbrella and the footsteps of Shakib. However, Imran kais of the Kamala team said. Shakeeb laughed with his childhood coach.

Dhaka Dinamit, who scored 154 from Victoria, broke the batting order. The incident began with Mehdi Hassan's umpire on the wrong side of the eighth place.

Mehdi Hassan hit the fourth ball off the eighth ball from Stamp. The batsman Darren Russell tried to throw the ball in. Batting the wicketkeeper Inamulk Hak's bounce. It is clear that Sri Lankan umpire Ramo Martínas Dwad is white.

Comrade immediately protested. The umpire said that he did not see the ball when he was in front of umpire to bowler Mehdi Phallo.

Some time later, comedy coach Mohammed Salahuddin entered the field within the strategic timeline and demanded the reasons for the umpire's dragging him. Captain Shakib Al Hassan of Dhaka Dynamite said something salahudeen put out his hand.

Smoke has been created after this incident. What happened to Shakib-Salahuddin? Imam kais of the Kamila captain said after the match. Guru Salahudeen and Shaykh Shakib & Phany & # 39; In Madee they were enjoying each other or that was fun. There is a wrong misunderstanding. Facebook, & # 39; s really fun on this screen except on the screen. You know Salahudeen Saar is the shortest coach of Sahib. Why did he play as a coach, anything in Syria? Shakeeb laughs, Shakeeb was nervous.

"Shakeeb umpire may be talking about any other issue, and Salahuddin is the name of Sir Shakeeb Salahuddin, and I am beside him.

Their event & # 39; Fun & # 39; It was not. The umpire said, "It's wrong, it's great that the umpire made a mistake, but I looked at the wide but I did not see him for the bowler.

Komala scored 154 runs in the last 20 overs. The match lost 7 runs.

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