Thursday , August 11 2022

Grameen has four controls for BRCC


Bangalore Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has called the country's largest mobile phone operator Grammeenphone to be called monthly. The company said in a Gramin phone that the three regulations were imposed.

On Monday the instructions were issued under the BDRR order. The company has given this direction a decisive market power control. On February 10, BTRC Gamonemon was declared a significant market power (SMP). Under the control, if an operator declares to be an SMS, the BTRC will pay a tax evasion. This is the first control of Grameenphone's BTRC.

According to the BTRC, the Operator Gramin phone has changed mobile phone number or mobile number portability (MNP) lock-in period for 30 days. That means if a customer goes for a grammine from other operators, he will have to stay for 30 days. For the rest of the operators, the last date for 90 days.

According to the new regulation, Grameenon can not make any separate and separate rights agreement with any other organization. No marketing communication or marketing campaigns across the country. BTR Cine Assistant Director (Media) Zakir Hussain Khan PromotionsIt is said that they intend to market market communication. Grammein is not able to communicate with ads for the market to increase the market. This will be a new package or service.

No standards are appropriate
However, the BTRC survey conducted in Dhaka between November 6 and December 8. All operators were behind the service sector. According to the company's report, the graminine phone is 3.38 per cent. In this case, the fixed value is 2 per cent. Fewer droppings are dropped over a fixed limit. Call the maximum time of 7 seconds for the connection. It takes 7 seconds for a graminphone, 7 seconds behind Robbie, 7 million seconds for Banglalink, Telett takes 7 seconds. In this case Robi is the only level.

The download speeds for the third generation and 3G internet services are at least 2 Mbps. In this case only the telecom. The fourth generation or the mobile is not the fastest of the speed of the user. In this case, the minimum speed is 7 MBPS. Gramptine 5.88, Robbie 5.91 and Banglalink 5. All call rates are subject to specified standards. Mune Opinion Score or MOS is Rabbi alone.

Director General of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Robby Hedge, said, "The overall picture of telecommunication services has not come out. Said Shahad Alam. The overall picture of the telecommunications service is not out. We have not received any details of the tests conducted by regulatory organizations, so it is difficult to comment on the issue.

In the first post of breakfast, however, the rate of graminine callldap varies considerably. Grammonphone call rates are lower than 1 per cent considering their coverage.

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