Monday , June 5 2023

Find the lost phone science and technology


Phone theft or phone loss on the way to street should be less humiliated for everyone. After the loss of the phones, the police found that the information was not very popular. Existing practices are called, ie, phone loss apps of the phone's IMEI numbers or various antivirus companies will lose the lost hands.

If you know the simple method, you can easily find where your lost phone is. This feature is a Google app provided on your phone.

Find & # 39; Find My Devices & # 39; Option on any Android phone. Click on this option & # 39; on & # 39; If so, it's easy to find where your phone is. If the lost smartphone is logged into your Google ID, you can log in from the same Google ID on your computer or laptop and know your phone's location. But the location & # 39; Location Service & # 39; Must be present. In addition, the phone must have Internet access.

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How to Find Your Lost Phone? You need to take some actions for this. First of all, you need to log in with your computer's browser using the same Gmail ID, the ID is the PlayStore login and the phone. So search Google in any browser. You can see your phone's location in Google Maps at the top of the search result. When the phone clicks there, there is a ring button that makes sounds sound.

Or go to to find out where the phone is. You can see that your phone is on Wi-Fi or mobile internet. You can lock the phone from here or delete all the lost data on the phone.

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