Monday , June 5 2023

Favorite of saberbeb mesaraf!


Mashreef bin Moratasa, Subir Rehman. Prothom-alo file

International cricket ban does not end. The domestic performances are just a matter of fear. Even then, Sabir returned to Bangladesh's ODI team. The chief selector directly told us that Zabir was found in the team like Mashraf

Within a month, Sabir Rahman lost control and no one would get it. Two days before the announcement of the New Zealand tour, Sebear realized many surprises that returned to the national team. For the past six months, Sabir has played in the 21st innings in the four-match and Twenty20 leagues in international cricket. Fifteen

Chief selector Minjaj Abedin said, "We had a prior knowledge of the team," the idea to eliminate the suburb. Things to do with discipline. January 31 (International Cricket) will be awarded. It has not been said that his sentence was less than a month. We have judged him.

The ban on the Sabbbi will last until the end of February. How does he get to the party? In addition to international cricket, domestic cricket has no performance, no performance, and continuous discussion. Why did Silbler get a chance against New Zealand in an ODI team? Today the key selector asks repeating questions. At one point Minhasluza was very angry: 'Why is a player questioning' & # 39;

The ingestion process is normal or is repeatedly questioned. The Saber's performance is clear that one day he agreed with Captain Mouref bin Moratasa. This is our captain's election. He exhorted them to arrest him. Both of us agreed. The one who can handle fast bowlers in a lower middle order. Let's see where he took the World Cup plan, the captain has enough confidence in himself. We hope we'll come back. & # 39;

The mind is not new to the subway. In the eyes of Captain Sabi & # 39; Impact & # 39; Bangladesh's ODI captain Shabeer has been praised for his performance in the Rangpur-Khulna match. Sabir played an important innings in this BPL (85). This may give the team more confidence. But how good would it be to evaluate a batsman in an innings? Mashraf said, "If you think of the World Cup, you can find a batsman who can take wicket with one wicket for the best fast bowlers of the opponent and I've tested a lot.

How much will the use of Sabi use this time? But BCB does not have the right to saber information, but in the general decisions or decisions of the BCB. Of course, the media should tell stories about it, not at all. However, the reduction in the limit of Sabeer's law by BCBC No negative message was provided. No crime should be punished.

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