Thursday , June 8 2023

Fakril urged us to start popular movement from Bogra … – 729261 | Keler canto


BHP chairperson Begum Khaleela Zia has called for a popular uprising in the BGG general secretary Mirza Fakrul Islam Alagiri. To bring Khalidda Zia from jail, Rehman will bring the country and bring democracy and start the agitation from Bogra.

On Wednesday afternoon, party booths and activists in the Sadar Upasalis intervened in a luxurious hotel at Broga town.

After the election, Mirza Fakrul said that Awami League was isolated from the people. There is no smile on the face of the people of the country. Awami League is a mass human today.

BNP Secretary General said that democracy was destroyed without the democracy in the spirit of liberation war. The Ahimi League broke the spirit of liberation war to come to power. All kinds of organizations are organized.

Awami League failed in the eleventh elections. Because people could not vote. Awami League Vote does not even vote. That is why today the public sphere of BNP and rice production has been taking place across the country.

Former president Joseph Abidin Chan, former MP Golam Muhammad Siraj, former BNP district president Adv. AKM Mahbubur Rahman, former president Valsalal Karim King, Bourgi BTP President Maubbar Rehman Bakul and General Secretary Hamid ul Haq Chaudhry Hiri were present.

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