Sunday , May 28 2023

DU vs jabi, kezia?


Eyes lie in a news. Jahangir Nagar University (Juhi) officials reported that some students from Dhaka University were arrested for drinking alcohol. The jebi authorities have re-reported the journalists working in Java with their name. A few days ago, police arrested a few of Jabber's students from TBS at Dhaka University. Against the drugs complaint against them. The students protested against both the events. DU Complaints of students' students complained that the kids of Henzah's victims had gone to the jaguar. But after the ceremony, they left the campus without returning to Dhaka. It is waiting for dawn in many places around the TSC. During this period security personnel came and took a bottle of liquor and took photographs. J students complained to the police that J students were provided to the police by the police. Even though there are some students of Dujah, only Jubilee students were handed over to the police. If the allegations of university students are true, the administration of both universities creates a kind of corruption and harm. They can also say that the university authorities want to escape with the police and the images and arrests of arrested students.

On Facebook, two university students are awaiting unrestricted treatment of their regime. But both are very contrary to the hostel university regime. They have joined Kasia in such cases where the government is protesting against the wrong action of the state. Thus, the oppressed will be divided and govern.

Two university researchers are also waiting for several days. Jubair bus's destructive activities at DU campus or DU in the United Campus We heard the incident killing students. A photographer took a photo of me a few days ago and poured water from Jaber students. People have gone from campus to campus in our time. But never heard. But now you have to be afraid to harm the security team on the one hand, on the other hand the aggressive nature of the students. Who asks the question Students learn from government, or the state is influenced by students.

So suddenly JU and DUU user administration behave like that. Among the two Universities there is a dispute between Narcasing Mezhnachar. Meghana Chowk is often popular with various household appliances. The protocol team of the campus must face the Lathish army but this is not going to happen. Universities are the highest knowledge. Here, teachers, students and administrators will show more endurance. But all are showing more intolerance. Students of the university do not think that drugs will be made free. Do whatever you want. But be careful that the state does not get any benefit. They did not laugh.

JU-Duji not only
Many students from various universities across the country have seen mental rationers. That is why we hear that students at such university eat food. They can not. They are not modern. Again, there is a similar gap between students of public private university. Students of public university are not like them as private university students. Private students learn to pay money, and have mercy. There are many such reforms. There was no such situation. Now this problem has become a big problem. Overall, we could not draw students from different universities out of cultural attitudes.

Because our political and cultural barrier. Our own political and cultural background development has not been developed. After the long-term colonial administration and exploitation, we could not concentrate on building our own culture after independence. This is related to financial issues. In the long British colonial era, I sought a landlord position. After the zamindari feudalists and liberation of liberation in 1971, class VIII classification failed to retain the final political release. For this reason, our state is not a perfect state. The outward revelation of the state in the conduct of the citizen is reflected. Implementation of the state through the relationship between the State and the citizen is the state. Citizens can not be citizens when the state fails to do so. The unusual behavior of the state is affected by the character of the citizen. There are a variety of divisions, such as community, ethnic origin, regional, etc.

Engaging in personal preference, likes, behavioral issues, and citizens of other citizens does not even agree. But everyone has the right to make personal decisions. One can accept or deny it. People can not even create problems with each other. So there is no intention to repay anything. John Stuart Mill made detailed analysis of his book On Liberty. There should be laws in the country. But the rights of the individual can not be taken. Mariyua or alcoholism is not acceptable. But bottle and photo taking are not legally permitted.

These problems are emerging because there is no state state because of not being universal. That is why citizens are feeling insecure. Hence, the importance of any university and any other person's job is low. Rajshahi University, Chittagong University, Shajajal University University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh Agricultural University and various psychological differences

It is based on people's behavior and people's behavior based on behavior. The character of the State and the citizen is not in the right position. This is the way, it's normal. Many of our politicians or thinkers can not do what they can to become a state. Our state structure is not working properly. This crisis of the U and the Diu is an indication of the lack of nationalism. The condition of the state where we present this idea is the European model model model. I'm not saying that Europe's state-of-the-art model does not work, and this model works in many places. This is an acceptable model of today. But this model does not work here. It must fail to form a political system, not on Europe or elsewhere.

The symptoms of this rheumatic disease of jueau and duo are deeper than symptoms. Not to respect the dignity and freedom of the individual, and to protect the rights and dignity of the State and the organization. As a result, the competition grows into groups for individual groups, from region to region, to organization.

Dr. The convention is milky, Research Fellow, Institute of Orient and Asian Studies, University of Forest

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