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Dr. Why Kamal Hussain does not choose?

Nomination papers in 11 elections in Bangladesh.
But the BNP's opposition alliance is not a national non-governmental leader. No nomination papers were filed against Kamal Hossein. That is, he does not choose. But when the National Unity Front was formed, the discussion was held with the government and the opposition BNP. So Kamal Hussain did not attend the election. Why is this decision In the question, he said, the main reason behind it is age.

Kamal Hussein said in an interview to BBC Bunglow Bangla that "The main reason I've been in my age is five years ago, but I thought, but that election was not done." Kamal Hussain's political career Why is this not a choice?
In reply to this question of the BBC bunglow, Kamal Hussain said he would do all he could do in political affairs. But at the age of year he is not elected. But there are many in Bangladesh – Dr. Kamal Husain is a minister or politician. In reply, he said, "I can not do such a kind of politics, maybe one or two."
Dr. Kamal said, 'No, it was not like that. Long before the announcement announced, I said I was still in politics, but I would not contest elections.
However, the main aim of politics is whether the elections are in power and the way it chooses, in reply, they said that they do not do politics in voting.
There will be democracy in the country and institutional democracy will be more and more established. 55 years ago, I went to politics, I was a minister and I attended many elections. Some were successful, some failed. But from my experience, those who make politics for the country help me, I'm going to do that. "He said that he would have chosen Ganporam from his own party.

His words say: "If a person's age is complete, it is necessary to establish such a political fact that people can fully play the role. In the hard work, elections are very dangerous and difficult. I can not help others because I'm not in the elections. He said that the party had said that he had not taken any time off. Is there another purpose behind it? In response, Kamal Hussain said, there is no question of any other goal. Nobody can say that someone has received anything like this in my words. & # 39;

Senior advocate in the Reuters news agency The opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has formed an alliance to restore democracy in the country.
Dr. Anything that happened in the past five years is unusual. There was no government in the country at that time.

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