Monday , June 5 2023

Cricket is the reason behind sunshine!


The Napier area is closed due to excessive sunlight. Photo: Twitter

Cricket matches are closed for a number of reasons. Rain, frost, fall; Have you heard the competition due to excess sunlight? New Zealand's first ODI was played at Napier.

How much can stop the game! Lack of rain or snow But have you ever stopped playing with sunlight? This is one of the surprises that New Zealand played in the first ODI.
A commentator at Cricinfo said, "Because of the lack of the sun, the game is shut down due to sunlight.
What is the reason for stopping a cricket match? Cricket was not like a football, it was like a football, but it fell on a small rainbow, yellow, pitch, and pitcher. Cover the pitch, cover the pitch. If a cloud father takes five days test, it should be stopped. But that never happened before. Cricket stopped due to excess sunlight

The first ODI against New Zealand will be held today against New Zealand. After two games, they have to end two games. The summer rises seven times when the sun is drowning in the Oceania area. More than Napier. The sun is down by eight to ten. The reason why more time is spent in the Sun's light field. The sun's light created a cricket field, like an enlarged pitch. Cricket pitch is made in the north and south. But this did not happen in Napier's Maclean Park. East West Planners forget the pitch. That is why the light is lying on the ground because of sunlight. Harmful to both sides of the umpire!

This field is not clear when compared to other New Zealand fields. Today, India and New Zealand will compete in this ground four years later. In the last World Cup, 2015 played between ODI and the West Indies. Bangladesh and New Zealand are a Twenty20 match. Besides, there have been no international matches in the last four years. There have been two ODIs against Pakistan in 2018 but this is not because of reforms. Nepal will return to international cricket with the New Zealand match and will continue to experience the fault of the field refinancing field that was created in 1911.

But it has created humor in social media. Why? This is what first heard. In Cricinfo, a title in Santacruz wrote: "The umpire and field did not come, the bat ball field did not, the tons were lost, the players were unable to wake up, for more reasons cricket matches were stopped." Tom wrote another, and competition because of good weather. "Is not it bad weather to stay in sunlight?
India won the match by 8 wickets in Duckworth. New Zealand scored 158 runs in the first innings. For India, Shikhar Dhawan scored 75 and Virat Kohli 45 runs.

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