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Contemporary love of Herbaloa Joy Jaintia


Dhaka: Jyoti Bhattacharya is the beloved name of Dear reader. It is a long way away from Bengal, where you live in western India. He constantly attempts to create a professional, caretaking and complex art form online. His & # 39; drama Queen & # 39; s on YouTube The tracks of the series bear witness to its innovative experience.

The famous son-in-law and sons-in-law are Joe Jubilee & # 39; s Herborahan, the most prominent religious education institution in the country. The character is remembered. The other famous artists of the country are Akhilam Ullah, Shimul Mustafa.

The year-long event was held this year in connection with Herbaala's two years anniversary. As the event continued, three leading artists attended the closing ceremony on Sunday (November 18). The artists at the Joy Jubilee of Sri Shalakala Academy of Music, Dance and Recreation Auditorium said that there is joy, pain and love in contemporary times.

Mathrubhumi, my friend Niranjan, and Sharjah Sen, from Bhaskar Chowdhury, two villages of Shoosur Rahman's Panthan, Sayed Shamsul Haq, My Identity, Kallu and Sulod government. Poetry poems

Shibul Musthafa poet Najeeb Hikmat, & # 39; Jiqanagar Chitti & # 39;, poet Rahul Debermann's & # 39; Romi Ray & # 39; Poems & # 39; Robbie Roy & # 39; The poems of many poets were recited.

Anand Mukherjee's & # 39; s Rath & # 39; and & # 39; No Time & # 39; and & # 39; Suffering From Pain & # 39; Joyita Bhattacharya wrote poetry.

The annual conference of the annual Harbollah Annual Conference will be organized by Harbollah Director Abbisitippi Majumdar Biplobe. This year's special assumption is part of a few programs that have been organized by Ek Twi.

With Jayakara Bhattacharya, Akam Killa and Shimsul Musthafa attracted impressive. One of the main participants of the Bangladeshi recitation movement, these artists are a collective practice of organized tradition, as well as the article for rehabilitation of art in the country and abroad, even in unprecedented popularity.

Bangladesh time: 0349 hours; November 18, 018

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