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Are you going to play Musharraf against the West Indies?


Are you going to play Musharraf against the West Indies?

Sports reporter Masharib bin Moratasa is preparing for national elections while West Indies cricket team has reached Bangladesh. Mashrafi is busy in elections. So he will face the West Indies in ODIs. Mashrafe's play was suspicious.

The suspicion appears in the words of Bangladeshi cricket board president Nasmul Hassan Pappan. When Mirpur won the Test against Zimbabwe, BCB president Musharff was asked about the game. BC president said, "is a difficult question. There is a date for submitting nomination papers. I do not know what it is when you meet, where his program. Today, he is likely to conduct a meeting. And then there will be more details. If there was a chance, of course, he will play. Celavalic was time for a day In short, he has to play. The game will always dominate. "Masriphinre should sansayamuntenn BC president said.

Mashraf wanted to play with a preference but he was given a chance. Bangladesh will play two Tests against West Indies on November 22 and November 30. The third ODI is scheduled to start. Three ODIs will be held on December 9, 11 and 14. There will be three T20 matches. The first match of the Twenty20 series will be held on December 17. The second match will be played on December 20 and December 22 in third and final matches.

Morsif bin Moratasa plays in one-day matches. He was the captain of the ODI team. So you have to play Mashrafie 9 to 14 for the team. Dharmadom will then play the entire election. On December 30, the final phase of the eleventh parliamentary election was completed. That day will be a vote. Last date for submitting nomination papers on November 28. Musharraf will play more than a week when he plays. Election work can not work. Can not join any promotional job. The one-day series will end on December 14. Then there will be 15 days for the elections. Will Mushraff play in ODI series against West Indies? Let's play for mashroom. On December 9th, I joined the team two days ago. Before that it was just the election. From then on, December 14th, there will be 15 days, so the elections are busy at the same time. In addition, Musharraf will be encouraged. So, Musharraf has a great chance to play.

Shakib Al Hasan was selected by Makharif. But Shakeeb said. The BCB president has informed the matter. He said, "Shakeeb wanted me to play for four to five years and he told Prime Minister Shakei that he was right, but he was not sure how long he would play," he said, adding that he was not playing as a player. His captain is important to us, and I can not find a captain like him, after thinking about it, maybe it will retire, this is only a few months, and this is not the best exit, what would he do for a period of four months? He stayed, he was I believe that mightiness ayikarangatt.

After retirement, Musharraf retains positions in sports. But there is a one-day series against them against West Indies. Mahmoodullah Riyadh, who leads the Zimbabwe Test team, said, "Isha Alla Mushrifi Bhai pab is an idea because he is our ODI captain, if he is healthy, he will find us among us and we need them. Up for the West Indies Masraphinre disturbance in the one-day series.

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