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& # 39; Shoot before & # 39; my child & # 39;

"My son, Isan has been cured for days, and I have cold fever, I have everything left and I have a baby, I have many pictures and I still have a lot of pictures, but if the producers want it, they will start functioning, but the shooting does not take place for my child's sake Shooting now I would like to protect my own child, Shabanoor is the most popular hero of the Bengali film, "I do not want to take a child out of work or other people. He has also featured numerous hits and super hit photos in Dhaka movies. Now, he is ready to act in the new movie. This picture is & # 39; s love & # 39; s direction, directed by Mustafezer Rahman Manik. They say. In addition, there are many other pictures in hand. It comes from Australia. At present the age of son of son of Shabr is five years old. Mother and child are in the country. If you want to know whether to run away from Australia or not, Shabnoor said. I like to live in the country. In the meanwhile, I was sick many times. After being shown a doctor, you are now taking drugs from your phone. I have a problem with thyroid. However, I am fine now. Such a disease is a lifetime to eat. Occasionally, uncontrolled drugs are being eaten. I'm acting in a little lazy personally. I have a desire to work ahead. I'm no Australian policeman at the end of 2016 & # 39; Euro Star & # 39; The actress acted with an Owen's advertiser company. Directed by Ahamad Aliyas. & # 39; Pagal Manush & # 39; of Shabanu, who is on the big screen of last year. The movie. MM The death of the director of the government lasted for a long time. Later his pupil Badul Alam Khokan completed the film. Shabani's cousin was the new face of the film Khan. In his long career, he introduced several business photos to the shab. Films paired with Salman Shah are now in the hearts of the audience. He said he would start working again in front of him.

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