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& # 39; It & # 39; s Demand Viewers & Buyers & # 39;

Faisal Rabbinic | May 28, 019, Mars, 11:33

Famous musician Imran Mahmudul has been giving a number of songs to the audience over the last few years. He is a successful singer of playback and audio and has become a young generation. He sang song and singing. Musicians have received music and music in music. It's busy with busy schedule. At least half a dozen songs of this year will be released. In addition, he will see in the Eid photo. Imran is now busy. How does this end? Imran said, that's great. But Eid, in front of you, is busy, singing. This glow lasts up to Eid. Why is Eid coming? A lot of audio and video songs will come. Meanwhile, my music video has already been released by Eid. Ahmed Rizvi Bhai, who & # 39; About the song. Wiki Said song was produced for the teens. In video, Pitt is a model for me.

That's a good response after the release. & # 39; Aberdeen & # 39; s outside the Cedar Choice. A music video will be published soon and will be released soon. In between there will be a song from CMV. There are so many songs coming from different banners. I am very optimistic about songs. Music Video itself is a model. How does that feel? Imran said that the audience receives visitors who perform my songs. If the audience does not want to execute the video, I will never do it. You tell viewers and manufacturers performance. I would like to have a video in which many different production companies want. I enjoyed a lot. This is because the video appears in different forms. One challenge is. I want to take up the challenge. What is the music of the movie? Imran sings regularly in the film. In the past few days, he sang a number of songs in his popularity and music. Also, sing and sing to others. Click & # 39; Date & # 39; The film also has two songs in the film, Shakeeb Beh and Bobbi Cinematographer with Keena Apu. They are good

I'll find songs in my presence. What's the music situation now? In fact, many pedestrians should be able to transmit – said Imran. Music status is not one. There are many times different turns. I started on CD. Now the digital song is released. As a result, the audience can easily hear the songs. But there are some adverse reactions. No one can hear even happy songs. But I think this win is a good song. So I have good wishes for industry. It came in a different context now. What is the idea of ​​love or marriage? Imran said, I do not love. Marriage has not yet been considered. Maybe time has passed

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