Monday , June 5 2023

3 people died in the dead


It is saved from the cemetery of the deceased. Photo: Ittefaq

This tomb ceases. But the body is not for burial. The living man is lying in his grave. It is also possible to receive funeral ceremonies. Magic will show up at this time. Eyes of deep crowds, then later the grave. Soon the magicist's songs changed.

The sorcerer said, "Bring your dead, or it will be preserved, or the people of the nations. No man living in this place dies. & # 39;

People around the neighborhood had heard that they were scared by the Magistrates. Someone brought some cash, some rice and some clothes and began to cash in front of the grave. Bhagatpara Police Station SI Kurooul Islam walks with power at appropriate times. When people get away from the crowd, people see death and act in a fairy tactic.

Badshah, Rahimpur, Jamnagar Union of Bagitipparai and Upasala were present at the afternoon of a person's house in the presence of a strange scandal. Three of the magic identity agents have been arrested by the police.

The deceased were Manzal Husain (33), Pal (29) and Zakim Hussain (32), son of Peer Ali. Masood Ali is the son of Jenganga in Nargagar village of Argani subagala in Bagh sub region.

The suspects are suspected of drug trafficking in the Baga police station. There were five cases in the Balga Police Station against Palash.

On Saturday afternoon, Baghduttra police station sub-inspector Khurowal Islam told us that when he returned from the baghasha of Rahimpur. I went down and saw the salim lying in the shawl and bursting the soil and milk from the soil. If Salim's death did not help him, Selimi's death would have been a disaster for the people.

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Salim Police, who was rescued from Shyam, has been taken into police custody.

Bagatipara police station officer Sirajal Islam Shaikh said. "Why do they question so much fraud?

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