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Western Digital – NV MSSD Speed ​​PC Gaming Experience – WWN SN 750 – Guidance


Western Digital Corporation. (NASDAQ: WDC) introduces its strong second generation WD Black® SN750 NVMe ™ SSD. One-sided M.2 form factor up to 2TB storage capacity, integrated cooling system to ensure optimal performance and low temperature for WD Black SN750 NVMeTM SSD Desktop, Home-pid PC. This enhanced SSD provides an attractive piece of players and hardware.

PC and Graphics Technology Development PC Gaming takes you to a new level. Due to the more exciting and demanding games, the demand for hardware performance is also on the rise. Games now take 100GB and more. The high transfer speed allows users to access their games and files almost instantly. It will quickly get you back into the game and increase your overall response.

To read quickly and quickly write faster, traditional NVMe SSDs are designed to improve performance to maintain the operating temperature within an operating margin. For PC With the cooperation of EKWBB, a leading supplier of cooling technologies, WD Black SN 750 NVM SSD will provide an option for heat sink developed by EKWBB. The capabilities range from 500GB to 2TB. The SSDs are available in the spring of 2019. During hot use, hard radiation is heated from heat to allow SSD to allow readability and speed to be maintained when compared to short zink-like versions.

The Western Digital Exclusive WD added a gaming mode feature to the Black SSD dashboard. This allows users to disable low power mode, and running SSD during a long period of time. This is very important when you need uninterrupted and constantly high performance.

"The VR, the immersive features, the big game files are a long time for the levels, maps and other components of a game, which requires faster memory, higher capacity," said Vice President of Market Vice President, Data Center, Client Computing, Western Digital. "More intensive and requires a good thermal performance of the games are longer, particularly in the high-performance architecture NVMe provides a better performance in which SSD-. Designed specifically for the new WD Black SN 750 envi'em SSD for gaming, gaming mode integrated hirrskkin combine the features and options. We barrier Shall be handed over to each other.

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WD Black SN750 NVM SSD without Headset

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WD Black SN750 NVM SSD without Headset

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WD Black SN750 NVM SSD without Headset

Level up with WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD

The third generation NVM technology based on Western Digits, Firmware and Controller, WD BLACK SN 750 NVMSDD introduces vertical integrated SSD platform designed to support NVM SSD. Gaming and hardware workshops to expand their performance on their gaming PC or home computer to expand or upgrade. The new SSD offers unusual sequential readdin (up to 3,470 MB / s)[1] 500 GB and 1 TB Mode) Speed ​​up (3,000 MB / sec)[1] For 1 TB model). Combining high storage capacity, users can access programs, data, load games, transfer data to game data, 4K / 8K video and other data-stunning content. Furthermore, SSD has 515,000 random readings and 560,000 random right IOS (1TB model). Thus, SSD can handle multithreaded applications and data-inventive environments. This allows more feedback when multiple files access multiple locations. New levels or games can be loaded in a few minutes.

Prices and availability

Western Digital San Antonio features new products of PAX South (Booth # 10683). The WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD 5TB model offers 1TB model a limited warranty of up to 600 TB of life up to 1200TBW for 2TB model. WD Black SN750 NVM SSD with 250GB to 2TB Capacity using Single Side M.2 2280 form factor[2] Buying from Western Western retailer, e-tailor, reseller, system integrators and WCD stores is available at 89.99 Euros. The Haiti version is ideal for fans who create gaming pcs. In the spring of 2019, the selected select digital digital retailer, e-trailer, reseller, system integrators and distributors will be available globally.

[1] 1 megabytes (MB / sec) = second per second one bytes. On the basis of internal test; Performance may vary according to host device, operating systems, hard drive capacity, and other components.

[2] WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD 2TB: Available in February 2019

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