Monday , June 5 2023

Total lunar eclipse: metroid "blackmail"


Earlier this week, Germany was monitoring the total lunar eclipse. But that was not the case. When the whole start, the moon turned red. A frightening observer saw a light in the moon. It happens on Tuesday evening. It happens on Wednesday evening. It is on Wednesday evening.

Short flash may be a meteor shower. Compared with "New Scientist", Spanish scientist Jose Maria Médiode was waiting for years with his colleagues to perform an meteor shower during a lunar eclipse. There are no meteor showers in the Moon: the Moon often falls, craters often appear. There were no recordings of a strike at the time of the lunar eclipse.

By observing the effects of the lunar rocks, we can learn more about potential molleros that allow the Earth and the moon to protect themselves against the atmosphere and fall into the earth every day. There are 33 tonnes of rocks per day falling on Earth every day – most of the pieces will become shooting stars of the volcano. Nevertheless, there is no atmosphere on the lunar surface, and the lunar surface at high speed on the lunar surface. In this process, a five-kilometer rock will hit a nine-meter diameter, with a 75-ton lunar crater known as NASA's calculus. She listens to it "Lunar Impact Monitoring Program" Chandran from 2006

The energy of that energy becomes energy when it reaches the moon due to a meteoric impact, causing a crash. A small part of the energy becomes visible in visible light – a short and bright flash discovered from the earth in this case. On the basis of glow of flash and other information, scientists can approximate the size of the metallurgy.

This is the researcher Madido "New scientist" The moon was not as small as that. However, he says that he was the size of a football site weighing two kilograms.

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