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These foods can be put on gray hair


If someone does not stop gray hair, we want to stop it as long as possible. Whether any foodstuffs work, we have researched for you.

We see George Clooney nice about sex with them and Helen Mirren. But her head on the head still fears us. Gray hair. Humor or beauty is no matter – we are not sure about the color of man. According to experts, most women will be gray in their 50s. However, this process begins at the beginning or beginning of at least 30s. Even if gray hair is wrong, we handled itHow to prevent it, especially foodstuffs here.

Gray hair: That's how they really form

Scientists have discovered that gray hair tradition. But it is related to the hormonal constituents. But the color change of the hair may have a lot of pressure. A clear "gray hair" is a colorless hip, and our body is absent from the melanin teaThis painting is designed to create the natural justice of our merchandise. What does that mean to us? While this is impossible for gray head, It works to end or stop the stoppage of melanin production using some foods. ?

These foods will make gray hair shorter

By checking daily shampoo and other personal care products, the protein that makes our hair is essential to healthy looking keratin. When feeding during proper nutrition, be careful with the diet of proteins. One of these consists of eggs or fish, especially animal proteins, which can easily absorb our body, American Trichologist Madelien Augustine, American Cosmopolitan: "Iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, B12 and B6 are many, and foods that contain minerals and vitamins are very important." Who is he about the roots of his hair and Melanin production? According to the tricklists – who wants to give a real kickUse copper, Some food, bananas, cocoa and pulses. So the food is written directly on our diet. ?

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