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The way to epDemic – summer sighing


Fluorescent powder mice show migration and social contact.Fluorescent powder mice show migration and social contact.© Virginia Tech / Joe Hott, Kate langvig
Fluorescent powder mice show migration and social contact.© Virginia Tech / Joe Hott, Kate langvig

Blchbergburg / Vienna. Various diseases have spread to humans since the wild beast and have increased local and worldwide epidemics. HIV virus, Ebola, SAAR and the Asian Nifa virus have such limitations. When researchers at Virginia Tech University find that they are able to conceal what they can to help, their migration is followed by a white fungal syndrome scattered among dangerous fungal diseases.

Since 2006, about 6.7 million batches have been reported in North America. Once applied, the disease's spores are contaminated and the threat of infection for years has been highlighted by the animals that are used in the region every year for the winter. For humans, fungus called zuudgimanos disinfectants does not reflect any hazard, but as a report in the journal Nature, researchers use the best example of distribution visuals.

Contact mark
The research team, headed by Joseph Hot, studied the zoos and narrated their social networks. In addition, the researchers observed, which tunes should be in their own group during hibernation, and only in different models in different groups. As a result, in the first winter they marked a few models of florist powder released under ultraviolet light. They used different colors for each animal. Where did the researchers come back in late winter?

"We collected a large amount of information from each bat and used fluorose remnants," said Kate Langwig, head of biological sciences department in Virginia Tech. In this way, it is possible to identify which of the animals that the animal had abandoned, and which of them took from the dust. Researchers found out who they were directly connected to each other, and realized that there were encounters with no expectations.

Scientists have speculated about the absorption of primary ailments from our immediate social conditions – family, friends, or colleagues. "We're going to the supermarket employees as Subway espresso barisrrukaleyea about the neighbors, who are often forgotten. We are well aware how, but the importance of disillusionment is not an infectious disease. However, the researchers suggest that this hidden hidden issues and problems. They are" indirect connections "called Knows.

Loner has been saved
"Such intrinsic links are important for individuals who are not related to each other, because researchers are often overlooked, but this study reveals their importance," says Langwig.

Especially a spice, especially the rectangular rectangular, is not excessive in groups. Fluorescent powder has now created suspicious interventions. "We never thought of infection spreading in this way," Hoyt was surprised. The Eastern American dwarf bat, the infamously isolated, showed very low infections. There were no known encounters with her earlier. It controls their own land that provides their protection. To counter this we will have an opposite effect on humans. Accidents are now clear on the table.

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