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The Kawala Woman Benji is here

Dirty ears, silver-gray bread, and a big button nose: Yesterday a new kowala woman tiregarton shawbranne can be seen by visitors. "May was born in May 2017 at the Lisbon Zoo, and we received us through the International Breeding Program for our feminine ideal for women," explains Tiergartenteror Dormer Shurter. Benjay traveled on an airplane traveling with the driver and went to a nurse. "During the trip, I spoke to Benju, very silent," says Career Ana Rodriguez. Smoothly. Incidentally, the word "bhuji" (bunshi) is termed "friends" in the original language.
When she reached her new home, the winnen first started eating eucalyptus. She looked at her too and looked at her. "She looked at her very quickly, and she stopped her from afternoon," said the biologist Evelyn Dangl. The koil is lonely. Each of them has Bunji and Virari Vuri. But they have beauty and visual experience. Spring is wonderful during mating time. Coats are sexually mature at the age of two or four. Tiregartan is expecting a son. Kowalaz lives in Shonbabar since 2002. Mirra Lee is sleeping this year at the age of 18 years old. Ecological trapping of eucalyptus forests is at risk of extinction in their own Australasia.
Tierartart recently started its own eucalyptus plantation in al-sommering. If you want to support this long-term project, you can buy colus buji and hip hopper with a symbolic eucalyptus breakfast at € 15. Information below:

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