Friday , June 9 2023

The FPÖ local politician should have been a 15 year old girl


Perg – FPÖ local politician from Mulveriertel suspects a 15-year-old motor driver has been injured in a road in injured road. A number of media reports were reported on Tuesday. Peergar district leader Peter Hansos said the allegations should be ensured.

A car in the car came from a motor vehicle last week before. The young man who jumped into the car immediately after two minutes left the jet without a collision, police said. Hence, 15-year-old man shows the finger pointed out to the drivers. He asked the teenagers, who was injured with a punch.

The assumption of innocence also applies to a local politician who leads the party in its own community. If the allegations are confirmed, FPÖ wants to rule. He was more suspicious of the consequences heendos had issued for many newspapers in the ORF radio apparatus: even if he resigned from the official position of FPÖ, he said: "I think." (APA)

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