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The expert explains: that is why some of the fibers are more calm than others

Cologne –

On average one liter of air a day. The air that escapes from the body occurs in two ways: Firstly, when we eat and drink not only eat not only the food but also the air but also the carbon dioxide form.

Second, gases produce digestion in digestive process. Since the body can not absorb the air, we have to go out again. The result is the fault.

Why are children trapped?

Children can loudly and loudly. This is due to bacteria in the intestines. The body provides food for the body. But they make gases, including sulfur hydrogen.

In any case, a cows means: The digestive system is healthy and works.

What do these oceans mean?

The famous gastroenterologist Dr. Mrinalin brand means that the word "Trident" is different in the words of the US media. The stem says: "The stomach is bad, the consequence of what you eat and what your bacteria do in your digestive tract."

As cows rotate so much, we depend on the food we eat. "The lazy stabbing is that the carbohydrate consumed is eaten and everything is fermentation," the expert explained.

Eagle dirty, healthy diet

It's almost paradoxical, but we eat healthy food. High-fiber foods such as broccoli or oatmeal promote the production of intestinal bacteria. If we eat high fiber food, we can eat more food. If we eat red meat, milk or vegetable protein, it produces the most wrong, smoky and sulfurous gases.


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