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The Danatalella Versace is designed by the new face Tier


Vienna's fashion icon Donatello Versace is designed to debut on February 28, 2019, for the debut in the Vienna Obama Obel Ball. "I'm very happy," said Maria Gosborough of the Open Ball Organization. It is not yet clear whether the designer himself would reach the ball. "We have invited you," Grosbouver said.

Debut of the oboe ball in 2019

– APA / Herbert Neburu

Theme: "Das Renningold" Richard Wagner

Gorzburg once again suggested a theme for Thierata: this time "something dramatic", Richard Wagner's "Dass Running". "Wagner's" Ring Deb Nibilungenen ": I rejoice that my desire for the realization of a slogan from the Italian life of Rinaldild and Reynolds makes Dante Versace very dramatic.

The three runner daughters are depicting an important scene of opera showing an opera in the ray depths of gold. The spectacular scene in this view is reflected in the work of Versace. 380 charismatic crystals are combined to boil the crown.

"Unbelievably beautiful"

"With Donatella Versace, we have now gained another extraordinary designer to create the Swarovski Theora.The Opera of Inspiration & # 39; The Ring of the Nebling & Our; Crystals, Donatellah, one of the most beautiful sarovski tires in the last half century was designed," Nadaaja Sravotski Said in the statement. "She's incredibly beautiful," said Dominic mayor of Opera House.

I am progressing in all the new, innovative and foregoing points. In my opinion, we created a revolution in the fashion of discovering the Swarovski crystals, we adorn our clothes, "Versace said in a statement, adding that the original Tierra design will again be auctioned with a real reason for the inauguration of the fair. (APA)

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