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Stock Exchange Express – New York Stocks: Trade Dispute and Apple Concerns Creating Red US Exchanges


Wall Street is on Monday
American-Chinese trade dispute and weak signals
The real estate market is affected. Started with a start
Top index Dow Jones Industrial His loss
Thanksgiving continued for the first time
Push 25 000 points. The price is below 1.8
It was one percentage point down 24 247.63 points
Beneath it.

The S & P 500 was in a vast market It rose 1.74 per cent
2688.73 points. That was lower
Technology stocks, new speculations about a weak
IPhone demand in Apple Its consequence
Mental industry has pushed forward the distribution industry. Your collection index
Nasrakh 100 Down by 3 per cent to 6658.50
Points are off.

The situation of the investors in the situation is not good
US housing was noticed. One from nationalism
Organization of housing companies
The benchmark S & P BSE Sensex ended lower in November
Aug. 2016. The result was seen by market observers
Investors have had adverse impacts as the interest rates on the US rose.

After two friendly days with temporary hope
There was a solution for the trade dispute over the weekend
The Asia Pacific Pacific summit is back
Is given. The Sunday dispute was held in the Papua New Guinea meeting
And they charge against each other. First, the state
Asia-Pacific headquarter
The financial community (Apex) does not agree in the joint statement
To agree.

In Apple That dropped to about 4 percent
There are indications that the new iPhone models are low
The company is as popular as expected. Pass the apple
Last week, production orders for both
Excellent model XS and XMAX and a slightly lower XR
"Wall Street Journal" (WSJ) wrote. By 185.93
Dollar has hit their lowest level against the dollar

It brought courses in Apple's distribution network
Many stocks slide again. For the publisher's papers
Loves That & # 39; WSJ & # 39; After the report
Last week, it fell to 6 per cent
Lowest floor from February 2017
Annual goals achieved.

However, technology stocks declined
NVIDIA loss. Graphics card specialist
The fourth quarter was a disappointing perspective
Provided. It is now 10 percent decline
In July, 2017,

Another big loser trading in New York
Shares of the Chinese merchant JD Corom
In the third quarter, sales were up 5 per cent
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