Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Some Google fake Google apps have been rediscovered in the Google Play Store

Crypto-carnations are coming up again, and naturally some desires awaken. The growing interest in wanting to use the betrayers again. Unfortunately, dangerous and criminally labeled Android apps will continue to remain in the Google Play Store, just like ESET malware researchers have reported a few days ago. Such apps spend their money and feel like professional platforms.

"Bitcoin boom will increase the cyber criminals, especially threatening application" coin wallet ", which also makes for many cryptscorers," explains Lukas Stefanko, ESET malware researcher. "The original purpose of the application is to change virtual money on criminals on digital pitch."

The important thing in this phase is that more people invest in their silence without the need for their investments. Which platform is safe and secure, where can I get it? Even experienced users can hardly recognize it. Issues around the Google Play Store, get rid of fraudulent applications and win some more time.

Tips from ESET experts for more security in cryptcrones:
– Users using cryptocurrency-related banking and other financial applications may only use the applications linked to the official website of the service.
Sensitive data should be provided to online forms only when users realize their safety and legitimacy.
Smartphone, tablet, and PC should all be kept in record time.

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