Sunday , January 29 2023

Skyward Sword "Nintendo Switch ⊂ · ⊃ Releases for


We may find a new game in the legend of sideways for the Nintendo Switch. However, it will not be completely new headers, but a remake of "SkyWoodWall".

The "Nintendo live" program is in Japan. After the music concert in music for "The Legend of Sella", the main developer of the series series, IG Nickmann, asked Nintendo Swift if he needed "Skywid Sword". Many visitors have reported independently on Twitter on this event.

Do you have an official announcement?

The screen runtime says that "Game Informer" is much faster than we think in a podcast titled "In the Legend of Sell", which is suitable for the Noyo statement.The release of an older part of the series for a new console is not uncommon, for example, the N64 Classic "Time Off ossea "Nintendo 3DS Released on" Wii U "again Right Princess "was released, it only got the sun.

"The Legend of Sell: Skyward Sword" was released on the Wii in 2011. You're on the title of an asteroid on the island, so you often need to save Selda in the series. But the hero must travel to the ground below the clouds, where you will explore many temples. Special features include restriction: you control the controls of the controller. Suitable message moves are suited to motion sensors so that re-publishing should not be on the way. Perhaps your enthusiasm will soon surprise us with a formal announcement.

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