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Sky Info: The moraids below the stress tests are below expectations


MARIA ENZERSDORF, AUSTRIA, 02.AUG.18 - SOCCER - Qualification of the UEFA European League, FF Advani Wacker Moedling vs. PFK CSKA Sophia. In the film, Rock Ma Maurides (CSKA Sofia), Emmanuel Eyewoo (Admira). Photo: GEPA Pictures / Christian Ort

Shortly after the departure of SK Rapid in Vienna, a training camp in Turkey, the club has held discussions with Stümermerkandidaten. Maurice Rock Junior Suspended. However a 24-year-old emergency commitment failed because of the Brazilian pressure.

You can immediately interact with the activity if you need a rapist striker Andre Wembargar Again an option for record champions. The 24-year-old is Argentine and Slovenian citizenship, currently NK. Olipipe has a contract with Ljubljana.

In addition to the Viennaers, Winner's attack must have another candidate, which is known not to be a mediator. The loan used for a call option is an example of this.

SK Rapide: Basic discussions with Mauritius have been solved

SCUBBULDEE-Saturday 26-01

Post the image: GEPA

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