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Skin is more common in skin cancer


Innsbruck – In Tirol and Vorarlberg, there are 36 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants per year. It is almost double in other states (21: 100,000). On the one hand, experts point out that for a better collection of information – but this will be from an external behavior or high altitude, a faded cancer expert from van An Nguyen in Innsbruck University Hospital said.

Research has been done in a joint study with Bolzano and the Trieste. This should be a particularly effective external influence. Keyword: Keyword: Sunlam – Tyroline or genetic variation is checked. "We recommend that you go to the doctor every year," Nguyen says. "If a melanoma is found at the start, the recovery chance is about 90 to 100 percent."

The melanomas at the advanced stage have good news: "People give more hope than they are today, and patients can escape for five years before the dead."

Symposium in Insbrook

According to Nguyen, especially children have to be protected from strong sunlight, otherwise the birth rate will then be present in genetically engineered genetic material.

Skin Cancer may be important in the Dermatology Conference held in Innsbruck on November 29 and December 1. US Cancer expert Boris Bastian will be part of the international guest speakers.

This program includes HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Mr. Sarleckitti, Head of Special Outpatient Clinic at HIV and Sexual Health, said 90 per cent of 90 per cent of 90-90 lakh (90 per cent therapy and 90 per cent infected) infected patients. It has already achieved in 2015. However, the demand of the operation is still excellent.

"To prevent HIV infections, we need to stop the process," Surreyte said. The first problem is: Many patients are late for diagnosis. The second issue is to increase the number of diseases caused by sexually transmitted diseases. Geralonia, syphilis, and chlamydia are more likely to be infected with HIV. Since the 2005 syphilis increased, the Gonorium (Gonoria) doubled in 2010. Because of this surality, sexual carelessness causes good HIV therapy.

The triple will get stronger again

HIV therapy speaks: For two years, z. For instance, high risk factors should be prescribed by the HIV-pride. As the day arrives, the tablet is more than 90% self-confronted with infection. But this does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, which is faced with physicians' challenges. Pituitary bacteria can increase the immune system. The WHO has made it to the list of super bacteria. This requires new treatments.

Although it is natural for women to go to gynecologist, men often do not know who to reach the questions about sexually transmitted diseases. "Men are deserving," says Sirulleti. (TT)

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