Tuesday , September 27 2022

Singer Jessie J talks about her infertility • WOMAN.AT


Jessie J poured her heart in a big way! During the performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, he told the audience about infertility. The doctors said four years ago that the baby would not be natural. But she does not like the sympathy of his listeners. The singer said that only one of the millions of men and women who pass through these paths. She dedicates his song "Four letter word" to all those who do not have children. "Whenever I listen to that song, I remember that you thought it was a mistake or a child lost, you remember, you're not alone."

Jessie J: "I know I'm rough for four years."

The secret Jesse J-2017 mentioned in an interview, but it was not ready to talk publicly. Especially since her grandmother died, she wanted to be utterly indifferent. "The hardest thing about being an artist is to open your wounds to cure others, but not really

His friend Chanling was with the help of Tata Sadas. He tweeted after the demonstration: "This woman poured out her mind to the stage, and everyone in there gave a very special experience."
There were only a couple of weeks before the two stars stayed together, but they had not confirmed it publicly.

Each sixth couple in Austria are unexpectedly childless. So, the figures in 2015. There are many reasons for infertility. This includes both men and women equally psychologically and physically. The most common causes of males are hormones, spermness, swelling or environmental factors. In women it is mainly hormones, lifestyle factors and inflammation. If you have any maternity leave, you may drop in the first case of gynecologist or urologist.



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