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Side Effects of Courtesan Products – Successful Completes

The cause of side effects with cortisone preparations was made by researchers

Although Cortisone has been used in many diseases, it often causes undesirable side effects in metabolic processes. Why this is now an international research team.

Medicines for a variety of applications

Doctors suggest cortisons in different conditions. Often it is used for inflammation and allergic problems. It also applies to skin diseases, rheumatism, asthma benchlies, intestinal diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Although there are many other medicines requiring many, many patients are afraid of the side effects of reservation or cortisone. Researchers have now been able to create some side effects with cortisone preparations.

(Picture: eenevski /
Patients who treat cortisone preparations can have unnecessary side effects. Researchers are now clarifying some side effects. (Picture: eenevski /

Side effects of metabolism

In patients with long term steroids, side effects can occur in metabolism.

The Ludwig-Maximillins University Anchorage (LMU) researchers now have a steroid diabetes diagnoses with international stalin diabetes, with Helmelt Centrum Mulch and a member of the Guardian Center for Diabetes Research (DJD).

The result is published in the journal Nature of Communication.

Steroid diabetes

Glucocorticoids, which are caused by the symptoms of asthma and rheumatism, have been used for decades and are further proposed for anti-inflammatory treatment "Professor Dr. Hendent Uleinhot in a message.

"They are also used for voluntary diseases, organ transplants or cancer," said LMU, the leader of the Helmelttsent Mandan Institute. "Says Jeevan.

"It is estimated that three to three thirds of the West's are considered, and in Germany more than one lakh people now apply."

However, the various side effects that occur during therapy are limited in their expertise. They provide undesirable effects on metabolic processes.

Because glucocortalocytes are linked to the organs of the body, it will turn into many genes.

"It contains various metabolites and it can lead to strooidal diabetes," says Henriett Uleinhot.

New therapeutic intervention options

The study was conducted by the Max Delbrake Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, Salk Institute of San Diego and Freiburg University, where appropriate study was done to receive steroids.

"Glaucoma recovered from the glucocortocode receptor, particularly in the liver cells, particularly in the liver cells, in the class 80s," says the doctor in the IDO, Charlotte Hemmer.

"We have been able to produce this connection through genetic analysis and genetic experiments."

The predecessor relationships and scientists have examined to convince their findings.

"Actually, the lack of E47 in this case is preserved from the adverse effects of glucocorticoids, but E47's steroid administration relates to metabolism changes such as hypoglycemia, high blood cells or fat liver," Charlotte explains Hemor.

With the presence of the newly discovered mechanism in humans, Ulenhot and colleagues would like to find out whether future trials should be combined with clinical co-operatives.

"In this situation, safe immunosuppressive drugs can offer new therapy interaction options to combat the side effects of steroid therapy," Expectations Henriet Uhlenhaut. (Advertising)

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