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Prince William and Kate give royal train to heroes in crisis «


The Windsorce wants to capture the attention of the heroes of the Corona crisis: William and Kate go on a round trip on the train.

4.40 pm, December 6, 2020

The British Royal House wants to visit the heroes of the Corona crisis with a train tour © AP

Prince William and Duchess Kate want the heroes of the Corona crisis to last several days on a train journey through Great Britain. The couple wanted to travel 1,250 miles (over 2,000 kilometers) through England, Scotland and Wales in three days. And systematically connect with important professionals and extraordinary people.

Couples want to focus on incredible work, ”a spokesman said. This must have been the first official voyage of the Duchess (38) royal train to Cambridge. William, 38, has been on the road several times since 1997 – including the 1997 funeral of his mother, Princess Diana.

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