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Peter Sülg: "Andr'lek's best"


Peter Sülgi Razi arrived in Andrelette.

The new signature from SK Dummer saw the first game of his new team on weekend – from 0-1 in the jetet, but from the stand.

"My last game was in December, so now I can not, I am struggling every day for the fitness coach, I am my best, I expect a hundred percent in the next two or two weeks," the ÖFB team said on Tuesday.

Information from past colleague at WAC

Sulz and Andrew have not signed up with Apollos. What changed his mind?

"I studied with my father and my management here, looking at the training center, it was so remarkable, I talked to the President and the Sports Director and Adelelet was playing my next international career and winning trophies," says Sulj.

Former personal favorite Naamenha Rishi, who played for Anderson in 2008 and 2011, has come in with the club. "He told me a great time here, and he was very good at telling me."

"Here's the best"

SG FF RedBull saw a former player in Salzburg in Belgium: striker Ivan Santini. "We were fifteen in fifteen at that time, but we lived in the same house, and when he arrived, he came up against me, and it was a joy."

When asked about his position as the year's batsman in the final season of the Bundesliga, Salgin is not a joke. "Yes, I also believe that I am the best player and every weekend has shown me my qualities, and I will do my best to do that."

The club's recent history celebrates the 17th birthday of Alleluct, the club's two recent specials: Marcin Vashilsky and Vincent Compani.

These two players are not serious. "When I was young, I was there because I chose number 27, and I looked in the list, it's still free".

The pressure from the Belgian team is now high. Anderlecht is currently the fifth in the list, and is just one point ahead of the PlayStoff positions. Next Sunday, the group may meet young people (with Peter Sully).

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SKN is going to move through Qing-Ring Pak

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