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Nissan stole the car



Gos said that tax authorities were banned by Nissan banned.

Gos said that tax authorities were banned by Nissan banned.(Photo: REUTERS)

Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

Diana is a dicker

Carlos Gosn is regarded as a shadow of the car industry. He created one of the world's most powerful car rolls in the Trixi alliance of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi. Now he will be cruel to him, and he will be cruel to him.

The classic story is the falling down of a meteor shower to heavenly heights and a deep falling down. Carlos Gossan has been for decades. And he shall turn the sun down; In memory there is an extraordinary life.


In the mid-1990s, Gosn was saved as a costly killer in the Renault in the late 1990s and saved Nissan. In Japan, he is honored as a hero. Renoult and Nasson, the manager of seven languages, including Japan for a decade, lead to the union. He is the first person to run two corporations in more than 500 major companies.

Ghosh will be the CEO of Mitsubishi in December 2016. He is as strong as any other group leader. He is the epitome of a corporate supremacy. Ironically, many untouchables are now hunted out of court and abused and humiliated. He lives in one of the world's largest automotive empires.

The The charges are hanging heavily: It is clear that his salary has been paid to Nisson's official annual reports. According to company data, it is said to have hidden € 40 million in five years. The company has been accused of misappropriation of private funds and tax evasion. He was arrested on Monday. He was first in the prison in the night.

Luxury House at Sugar Loft

He knew this allegation. If there is anything beyond the incredible power, that's money. Even after official figures, Renault's Nissan hit Mitsubishi 13 million euros last year. But that is not enough for him. The 64-year-old Corporate Corporate Corporate Corporate expenses are just as luxurious for the € 15.5 million euro in Copacabana, in Paris, Amsterdam and Beirut.

Gonzon is said to have spent thousands of euros in private expenses and food through expenses. In 2010 he hired Nissan's executive board payers from 15 to 23 million euros. However, he did not increase the merit of his colleagues. He wanted to raise money.

In the spring, the French government, 15 percent, was stayed in the spring due to high wages. He denied the concessions. He was allowed to stand under the wheel of Renault Nisan Mitsubishi, but it was to reduce it by 30 percent. The government wanted to establish a signal. In addition, they established a crowned dynasty, followed by the Renaissance board, Tirry Bolor, who eventually won the match.

In fact, it was a warning to Brazil with Lebanese roots. Internally he joked himself. When asked if he was willing to go, he said in the spring, "I'll try, I can say another worker, I am going to bring him better." He did not expect his arrest. At the start of the week, he came to Japan.

How can it continue? Nissan has already announced plans to divide it from Gosnarn. François's finance minister, Bruno Meer, has not announced at least 24 hours after the arrest. The Renault Board members will be asked to approach the new spike as soon as possible. Tuesday evening board wants. The crown of Borore & # 39; Crown Prince & # 39; It moves to the second number.

Like Nissan – does not want Ghosn company to time. Lee Myr pointed out that France is wrong evidence. The finance ministry wants to call his Japanese summit as soon as possible, "so we know what charges are against him."


Nissan's alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi is in a silent stage. The manager is in the process of consolidating complex and weak structure of crossholdings between the three corporations.

If he goes to Paris, he will not shake the alliance. For some analysts, Ghson's replacement period has long passed away. Allions should not be treated to deal with real issues. Above all, centralism of the leadership responsibility of Ghusan's hands.

"One top manager working first," is one of his slogans. He certainly understands that kind of thing. But there is no such thing to be the most beautiful. Gosnann has already responded. But on coming out, at the end of the day, he can only remembered him naked. It is not in Japan because a highly decorative manager has actually made a tax crime. Nissan has apologized as a precaution.



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