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Night blindness: symptoms


Night blindness creates poor vision in the dark, it is difficult to see during driving. But in the dark, there is something behind the poor visual outlook.

If you do not want to drive a car at night, you say sometimes he is a "night blind". This means you do not look good in the dark. There is often an optical issue behind it: a disturbing Tire film, a short or timely or lens opacity. After a little bit of vision, the vision is to combine another illness and "night vision". But it certainly is a sign of blindness in the night.

A retinal disease is blindness in the night

Ophthalmologists refer to a very rare retinal disease that is blinded at night, Clemence Lange, the department of ophthalmologist of the Ophthalmology at Freiburg University Hospital. It can be either herbicide or vitamin A deficiency. As a rule, the eye affects eyes in tears in the dark.

Retina includes photographertes. Simply put, they will convert light to electrical inspiration that increases the brain through the optic nerve. In these receivers, the angles are responsible for color vision and the shingles in the evenings. If the woods do not function properly, the eyes can not match the darkness: the man shines.

The symptoms of a real night blindness

"People with difficulty change into darkness, sometimes at night, sometimes act against things or recognize the stars," says specialist lange. No one saw me after dusk. When others have no time to get rid of the discomfort they still have to experience it.

It is estimated that only one in 22,000 people will experience a dark night blindness. As an epoch, these young men look at them badly at night when they are young. Some patients experience aswell care, iris sensitivity and visual acuity reduction.

This is the blindness of blindness

Ophthalmologist will use various methods and methods to investigate the causes of road crash. He examines sight, eye matching, and eye spices.

The doctor can not do much if the traditional night blindness has been proven. The firewalls can not be restored. Nevertheless, patients should always talk to a blind eye toward a night blind.

Even a lens opacity is behind the poor vision

Night blindness is not a night blind, but in a dark and lonely movie of lenses or claims, early treatment is very crucial. Very rarely seen in the night blind and vitamin A absence. You can fix it on time.

The person who is seeing the night blind can use the wrong pairing instead of his nose. Visual academy not only affects visual development but also occurs in accordance with the German Offical Molecular Society (Dog). If a person is on the road, there should be a warning signal if a light is not detected. Then an appointment with an ophthalmologist is required. There is usually a common occurrence in the evening and the glowing sight. In many cases the problem can be solved by using new lenses.

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