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Months with his own sperm go in, with these pains


Due to the problems behind: The 33-year-old man shoots his own sperm in the month

Many home appliances for the heart, heat treatments, or those of acool. This will help prevent symptoms. However, there is no evidence that you will solve the problem with the sperm. But a 33-year-old from Ireland tried to do that. For months, he hugged his own offspring and went to the hospital.

Take a deep breath

Millions of people still have a pain again. Being physically active and exercising should be backwards. Even home appliances like hot baths can help prevent bad sore pain. A 33-year-old man from Ireland has come up with a pain in his back: his own sperm sinks.

Injecting one's own sperm in Ireland, one attempted to see his back. His health was brought to hospital. (Picture: weyo /

Deep blood vessels in the skin and blood vessels

The 33-year-old Irishman reported in the Midd Hospital, Adelaide, Dublin.

The doctors said that they were ill after raising a larger object.

Based on the information, the 33-year-old has already had a long history of pain in the past.

In further inspection, the doctors also noted that the skin was deep in blood vessels and a crutch under the skin of the patient's right arm. Then they drew closer.

During 18 months, the human body pushed the semen

The sperm was inserted into his own sperm count as a liberating agent. This "remedy" was developed without any medical assistance.

For more than one and a half years, the researchers found that the sperm was strained.

However, at the end of the last three years he had been entrusting three "doses" in the dark and intracellular.

Through frequent injections, this section is partial to partial sites. In addition, subcutaneous tissue (cellulitis) developed by a papule and inflammation.

The patient was vaccine agents. He continued to be sick after the man's capitalism which resulted in the completion of treatment.

Scientific investigation of seed vaccine

Doctors wanted to examine the scientific research on fertilization.

An old paper of researchers at Glasgow University found that the production of the production of mice and rabbits was reported.

Authors point out that the present case demonstrates the dangers of experiments with the use of substances that are not used for nurses.

He expresses the risks associated with medical tests before conducting extensive clinical research. (Advertising)

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