Thursday , June 8 2023

Matthias Schweifher: Consulate Crash, Clinic! |


We know Matthias Schweifher in the good spirits and kisses our lips. But nowadays he is bad news: he should go to hospital! Would the fans worry now?

That Matthias Schuyouhofer (37) has an ability to act, and has already proven in numerous films. But the dance is not only a 37-year-old actor but he's also a beautiful and beautiful voice. Matthias Schwyfefar is now traveling in Germany, but his last concert was gentle. He had to go to the hospital!

The 37-year-old was in Erfurt Exhibition Hall on Tuesday (January 22). About 1,000 people could be seen. As the news portal "" reported, the actor saw a double wrist holding a womb. Reportedly a member of the English delegation declared: "I have a bad news, sorry, Mathias will not be pasted, he has a cervical veterinarian that can not be pinched, is seen twice, and can not be removed." We're asking you to understand more information from the organizer. "

According to information from "", Matthias Schwyauffer treated with ambulance in a clinic. Later the consortents had to leave the hall. Of course, another concert will be held on Squash today (23 January). Whether or not it will happen is still uncertain. Actor wants to get back soon!

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