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Mars on the planet grub

Mission to Red Planet

& # 39; Red-white-red & # 39; Looking for the interior of the planet.

After completing spectacular landing on the Red Planet on Mars "Insight", everything was planned: NASA gave the space agencies a "insight" slogan. As moves to migrate on Mars, employees of NASA had earlier celebrated the arrival of "insight" ekorics.

Mission Astro

Grabs Institute for Space Research (IMF) Geophysicist Gunder Kargil (52) has been involved in the development of the investigation (see interview). He will also review the data sent by Insight within the next two years. "The most important thing," says Kargil, "all systems work."

In addition to "Insight", Werner Grüber landed on Mars. The famous physicist sent a coin to Mars.

On Mars, NASA also said that "Insight", which has a 2.20 m wide diameter of Mars, has two rounds of weaving. They can produce about 700 watt energy through clear air. "Insight Team can be a little bit easier to rest today – they're now out of awnings and recharge the batteries," said Inspect Project Manager Tom Hofmann.

First photos

A few minutes later, the first photo of the "Insight" red planet has already been sent. The picture was very slow, because of the presence of clouds of powder raised in the landing at that time. In the coming days, busy people will find their machines in place with a robotic art in finding "Insight" suitable places.

© Twitter / NASA Insight

NASA Bose Gym Bridenstein has been boldly forward to successfully complete Mars missions in the future: "Ultimately, the day on which we will be living on Mars.

On Mars, a landing psychology is very complex, and only 40 percent of the earliest surviving missions of our solar system are succeeded. NASA spoke of "six-and-a-half-minute horrors" before "insight" landing. Seven years of searching for the place is going to land.

Red planet

At an average speed of 19,800 km, Mars entered the atmosphere and its temperature increased to 1,500 degrees Celsius. After putting her in the investigative field, her three legs and parachute came out and she went softly to the surface of Mars.

In the next two years, scientists must use the statistical geophysical observatory called "Insight" to study the internal structure of Mars for the first time. There are earthquakes and earthquakes. Many believe that Mars evolved millions of years ago.

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