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Kingsley comman: Munich ends the cup of pub Mama – she gives an XXL tip

Kingsley is celebrating his 2-0 as a celebration of his goal – his goal is not to be missed.

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F. Bayern's dream destination, Kingsley Coman was a dream come true. In front of his pub, his mother had seen him playing an incredible tip.

DFB Cup winners from the 19th age Leipsz Kingsley was allowed to enter the scoreboard for 3-0. Technically remarkably, the French Leipzig was hit by a penalty area. The right corner explained clearly in a drugstore – a beautiful gateway if his mother did not see it.

Kingsley Common: I'd pay 50 euros tip – so she saw Cup finals at Munich Pubil

Like her father, Mamma Kaman, who came from Gwadopol, was aware that the television was not working. She wanted to see the cup final but she completely went to the football stadium "Stadium on the Sheehyshechemym Strauss". As for the restaurant, the interest of the game was good, "there is not really room."

Mama Coman told her before she was in the door: "That's my son, that's my son." Pubi's operators did not know who exactly meant this. However, when specifically told who his celebrity son was, "he allowed the mall to be beaten."

FC Beernen: Kingsley commands allowing his boss

From there, confused with some frustrations at the start of the program, the leap was understood as to how much the pressure was on, but the manual never retained their rivals in an even stronger parade. After a good half an hour, she was allowed to dare first – Robert Levantowski, headed for an Afghan skull.

For Reds only 1-0 for Nares to rebound against Fersberg. In the 78th minute, GoldenGlobal was given 2: 0 more time to make the initial decision.

F. Beernon: Kingsley can turn up after tasting her son's goal – about 50 Euro tip

Mamma Kiman not only, but also the "Stadium Ann Schishchemamerstras" was happy about the victory of Bayern. Just as Facebook announced on Facebook, a happy mother was very generous. She drank a light and gave him an honorable tip of € 46.10.

Like son, she's fine at Munich. Kingsley Kamilan recently revealed that Uli Hoeness is playing a crucial role in the welfare of the young Frenchman. So it was too late.


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