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HOPHER: Amazing change at the top


HOPHER: Amazing change at the top

Goodliness. Guantar Hel (39) goes, Horst Leather (52).

HOPHER: Amazing change above

Horst Leather (left) takes it from the Gunter. Picture: Hoffer

Eight years after the Hofer Supermarket chain, the gentle helm will end at the end of the month. Yesterday, Wednesday, the discounts of food were disclosed. Following the head of Leatherner, a long holster employee.

Since 1992, Leightner has worked in the 52-year old retail group. Store collections of discounts. After years of running the Central purchasing office of Hoffer Group, he moved to the US. There he was in charge of buying the Hoffer Amma Aldi Center in the US. After 2016, he was a member of the State Board of the United States.

The food specialist is from Helmine under the supervision of a good home. German company Alti SD celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Hoffer, which has over 500 branches and 11,000 employees, is one of the most important players in the local food retail industry. In the past four years, the number of locations has risen to 50. The last time in Vienna was concentrated. Hundreds of branches now attract customers, taking Zielpunkt locations and new buildings. Hoffer is in the forefront of growth row with River and Spar.

Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, and Italy are the closest supporter of the group in Italy. Successful access to the Italian market is one of Gnther Helm's merits. He also encouraged further development of the international group of corporate group.

Successful networker

Trade Company Release expressed regret for leaving the helmets. This is a very personal decision.

Where is 39 years of age seeing again? In Upper Austria, the field that is in the starting point is active. Young companies work in Anderson (Cosmatics) and Preston (Presentation Technology) companies. At the same time, he is one of the best network managers in the country. For example, Helm chancellery is near the minister, Geronet Blumenthal (VP). From the beginning of the year, he will be in the nomination papers of the state-owned supervisory board of the Bib (Soon Bag) nomination papers.

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