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Heavy crowds in the sky in Europe


Heavy crowds in the sky in Europe

Vienna. For the first time, 27 million passengers have extra commodities and higher incomes. After a record year of 2018, the owners can expect a 30% dividend.

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Heavenly airport in the sky in Europe has a great role 25. London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in Europe. In 2017 there were 78 million passengers. In front of Charles de Gaul airport in Paris there are eight million heathrow airports. The aviation aircraft is using large airplanes to utilize two overflow runways.

Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Istanbul have six million passengers. The new airport in Istanbul, which handles 90 million passengers a year in 2020, is one of the biggest threats to leading Heathrow in London.

The competition is not the 10th place. The FIFA World Cup 2018 should have lift the number of passengers in the Shermeta Road, and Rome will finish at eleventh place. The number of passengers in the world rose by seven percent in 2017 to 4.1 billion. Air miles rose by 8 percent. 37% of the region in Europe.

Happy year

In Vienna, the economy will not announce accurate financial statements until February. But in 2018, Floghlan Win Group introduced a delightful insight. Passenger profit also increased by more than 27 million (plus 10.8 percent) of passengers. In 2018, the airport board confirmed that it would announce € 148 million. This year, again, 165 million euros have been declared a ten percent increase.

It is awaiting shareholders (Winana, Lower Austria Province, Australian fund and IFM), as this is a 30% increase in the dividend. In 2017, almost € 60 million was spent.

Last week, AUA Umflottung – Dash could not be replaced by big Airbusse and Federal states instead of for Germany, even in Germany – "Wonder of the Display, a good choice, good development of the place" board Julian Jurger. By 2021, the airport will have an additional one million flights.

The Vienna Airport is the Slovak, Slovakia, and Malta. It had 34.4 million passengers. This year, it will increase by up to 10%. (Crane)

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