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Fado must turn against the Boson


The National Football Team of Austria is headed by Nations League Games (20.45) OA 24 Live ScoresIn Vienna's Happell Stadium against Bosnia and Herzegovina, Balan did not lose the country against the country. Success and balance in the two predecessors of the Bosnian magazine.

The overall balance is a win, with two draws, a defeat and a goal difference of 4: 3. World Cup qualifying round tournament, held on 5 September 2001, ended at 2-0 for the ÖFB team, and once again on March 31, 2015, a Test match at the Happell Stadium 1-1. The last encounter with Edin Desco and the company brought 0-1 defeat in Saïica on September 11 this year.

Before the game, Team Boss Franco Fonda and captain Julian Bougartling were again asked questions from the press. To compete against Bosnia Herzegovina against Liga, the ÖFB squad must have a 1-0 win or two goals to win. If it succeeds in Northern Belfast against Northern Ireland on Sunday, learn the possibility of getting it done, Davidson and Co. will take part in a new competition against domination in other countries. And of course, if it does not participate in European Championship qualifiers, surely the European Union will play for the National League in 2020.

The excitement surrounding the Marcel Sabitzer had been canceled due to injury.

Franco Fonda, who was third in the B group in the league, was able to succeed. If we win the final against Ireland, we win. However, the last league will have a final in Belfast, downgrade to the League C and 3 pieces of the European Championship qualifying round.

If the match against Bosnia is over, the Northern Irish team will face the victory on Sunday with the ÖFB team. Twenty-four times a point or a Austrian victory over a goal difference with Guggenheim against Bulgan Elf Austria.

This is also required if 0-0 before 10 minutes before this. "Our whole emphasis is on getting our emphasis, everything else will emerge as the game evolves," said Ford. Germany is also the third player in the second world class and Germany is playing through the Nation League. This is possible only in November 2019.

The balance between crime and defense

But Ford does not want to spend any more time. The National Coach plans to team on how team can be trained on Thursday. "We want to attack, but the balance between the guilty and the defense is very important, it is dangerous to play Bosnia." FONDO is expecting a dual level of eye. "It's a very close game, we will have little things to do, we need to get the goal, so we need to find a solution to the attack." It was the third attack. "We have speed and quality, it should be brought to that pitch," the 52-year-old said.

In Fado's view, his father's attitude should not defeat him. "I have a good reputation for training, the team is very focused and concentrated, so I'm with a good attitude." Naturally, Foda has not provided any information. Questions like retired patrol Sebastian Podle's job or reunited captain Julian Buggartinger, or using a triple or four-chain, which serves as the midfield center.

Regardless, the ÖFB selection is significant in maintaining home strength. In the past eight games, he has won seven times. World champion Brazil did not win in June last year.

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Disco & Arnautov

Fonda: When the game goes out, the two go out. However, they hope to be successful tomorrow.

Talk about the hero

Baggarting: This debate was based on recent discussions. We were in a team council, each of us could interpret this way in a different way but should not be excited. The marks scored against the Northern Ireland were answered correctly.

Support fans

Baggarting: Well, the stadium is full. I'm waiting for the game, certainly there will be plenty of Bosnian fans, but it's a great game.

Can you recommend yourself to the training?

Fodda: As a coach, you have an idea how to play. Of course we were looking at players, we have failures, so we had to change it. This is only a short time, and we have worked mainly in the strategic sector. We want to attack, we want to score goals. But we have to get a good fence. We must be good through oppression. This is crucial for tomorrow's competition.

Nations League

Baggarting: It's different than friendships. But we need to use this process and weighting. It was important to pull back the narrow victory over Northern Ireland. We know where we are in today's Nation League.

The captain is back

How important is the return of Bangarting? Fonda: It's very important, everyone is respectful, David (Abba), Marko (Arnotovic) and Basti (Prad).

What a game against Bosnia

Fodda: We were not fit to score goals in the first game. We are slow, we have the advantage, we should bring it tomorrow.

Many situations

Due to the relatively complicated Nation League league rules, games may come into computing. Theoretically, the second space is enough. Does the ÖFB interfere with all conditions? Fadah: No, really. Our goal is clear. Tomorrow we will win.

First print step

Was the first time the pressure for the team boss? In worst case, the ÖFB team and third in the National League. Fodda: We're always under pressure, the situation is called a coach, it's nothing new. The important thing is that we are in our hands. We will win against Bosnia and will have a final match against Northern Ireland. I was very much in training the players, and now I am arguing against it in court.

Backgammon again and again

"I'm so happy to be back in the team. Unfortunately, I missed the last courses. Tomorrow we have prepared well that it is important to capture efficiency and opportunity.

Initial situation

Foda: Get enough balance for Bosnia. We need to win. But I have been very good on my team's performance so far. The failure in Bosnia was very close. We may also have a game. It's going to be this time, the small stuff will decide, what we do with the ball and whether it has been unexpectedly unexpected.

Short preparation

Within three days there were "small and withered" preparations. The team that is well prepared tomorrow is Ford.

Press conference begins

Team Principal Franco Fonda and Julian Bougartlinger have also won their seats.

Bosnia is a strong opponent

Bosnia's record had three successes, since Prozacuy was in power earlier this year. The last three Nations League leagues, four goals and a defeat. It broke in mid-February for a Bosnian B team in Mexico at 0: 1. "We have a series where the team has given a good atmosphere," Prosicki said. Another plus point is that his kicks are very important to clubs. "About 95 percent of these clubs are regulars, which helps us further."

Bosnia's optimism is optimistic

The 49-year-old crot hopes to ensure the victory of the group by ensuring last year's best performances and popular support for the West Indies' Boss President Robert Prusskie, Austria's The Year. In addition, Edwin Devco against ÖFB and a point difference with a goal difference received the loss. "Prosci has offered players the best performance and expecting good results.

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