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Executive games of "Death Group" Wednesday

Group C in the Premier League, Premier. Liverpool has been pressured ahead of the home game on Wednesday at the "death squad". Their most important event is the newly rich French. Liverpool and Knolpole will also get a 16 knockout round. Tata's and still want to transfer middle-class places.

Liverpool lost the last time in Belgrade (0: 2). The championship is the final year's finalist, which is in six points but continues as cloaks: "Reds" travel with a wide chest to the Paris triumph and three draws (defeat). If the club wins in the French capital, the last sixteen is perfect. Napoli (6) beat Salzburg's Red Star Belgrade. After winning the match, Paris (5) was eliminated in the final.

Thomas Tushal, who was forced to work during the summer, had already had close ties with the coaching office. Even though the club is at the French Championships without losing all the points, the Qatari franchise has a bigger role in the Premier class. In the second round last year, At the Prince Park, the last injured players are Neymar and Kilian Mb. Will help avoid the threat. "I think they will play, and it gets better on the day," said her health during the week.

Liverpool is dependent on Monica Salama-Roberto Firmino-Saidio Mane Storm. Faith in fellowship. Five goals scored in 13 league games are reflected in a defense stability. "Everything we do is working together," Mann revealed. The PSG is a tough part, so the fastest salzburg. "But everything is possible for us."

But when the Liverpool group became D, the last 16 teams disappeared. "It's been a milestone," said Germany's Dominico Tedecco, before being invited to port city leaders. "We want to move towards the roundup, because we've invested a lot in the Champions League." If Galatasaray's Istanbul Istanbul is ahead of Moscow, it is already ahead of the pre-election period.

Allegheny and Alfred Sandro and Gede Barsteller believe in the league against the Nuremberg 5: 2. "It is better to score one or two goals," said Steven Scsbaski, who scored twice in his debut debut. The 26-year-old was on the side of the Burglesters in Porto. The ÖFB team also appreciated him. "This was the first time we played together."

Barcelona is already in Group B (10). Inter Milan (7) and Tottenham Hotspur (4) are in second place. England was more pressured at Wembley. At present, the Italian team does not get a point in the final against Ecuvevans against the final home match. Promotion areas are distributed among group A, Dortmund, and Atletico Madrid. Both teams were in the nine points. Brigades and Monaco have also made their fourth appearance in home games.

Three weeks ago, after the first match of Madrid in Madrid, Atlético lost the match, Dortmund wanted a second chance against FC Bruges. They want to avoid everyone who participates in the final group match on December 11 in Monaco. "It's important that we end the Wednesday," said Capt. Marko Russ.

BVB Managing Director Hans Jokamim Vatkke has been asked to enter the club's 16-member district club for the unprecedented admission in the Champions League. "This season, one or two percent can not relax."

In addition to the memories of the first leg, the senses increase sharpness. Bundesliga leaders won in the middle of September, after the last goal of Christian Pulsek (85) 1: 0 in Belgium. "Bruce was an uncomfortable opponent, and we had so many problems," Ross said. But the progress of Bundesliga's unexpected leader pointed out. "We have two steps higher than one." "We've set ourselves up and it's easy," adds attacker Mario Götze.

In the joy of Coach Lausanne Favar, employees' difficulties are limited. All other professionals are available except Marcel Schmelser. The Swiss football teacher can not imagine save some of the stars in the game. Striker Paco Alcácer has opened the coach Lusien Favre from the beginning: "He does not play for Barcelona for two years and that's why he needs his time."

For more conversation topics before the game, Shinji Kagawa. The Japanese media was unexpectedly shifting from midfielder status to the BVB by 2020. Transferred to 29 year old Spanish. VfB Stuttgart and a buyer traded.

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