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Dutch bank: Is turning this?

Due to three years of loss, the durable bank is finally black. The institute has a new peak since May 2018. But is the bank obliged to reverse this trend?

Sandra Shering, HR

Christian clothing was unprecedented for the German bank boss. For the first time since 2014, he will be able to make announcement at the annual press conference tomorrow. A small profit is expected, but the bank is far from the mountain. 2018 was bad. If the tailure does not create the turnaround, the Dutch bank threatens the merger or collapse of the bank.

From an accident to the next issue

Using a suing, it has been led by a new board since May 2018. Even if he has more faith, it is a rebellion. Cost is very high, revenue declines, and banking with digital digitization, like low interest banks.

The lowest point lasted two days in November, when it was suspected of inflation. The blue tops in front of the double towers – the ending of the bank's headings at the end. Instead, there is no doubt that Deutsche Bank will be able to control its risks. The US authorities are taking a heavy blow over money laundering in connection with the Dans Bank. There is an impression: there is no scam soon, and next difficulties arise.

Save expenses and grow at the same time

The problematic situation can definitely be read from this course. He is constantly moving to a low level. In 2018, he reached only eight of eight in eight euros EUR has been made half Tailoring shows how banks can save costs. A challenge of market participants is not necessarily reliable. Investor is confident. Despite the red numeral, there were billions of bonuses.

The price of 16 billion euros is the weakest stock market price of an alarm signal. In the stock market, Deutsche Bank is shrinking, the relationship with American banks has long been lost. For example, Citigroup or JP Morgan made more money than the value of the Duty Bank in 2018.

Worse than European competitors

How does the bank make money again? After sustained three consecutive losses, investors and experts are not clear about it. Steep earnings are the biggest concern. In particular, the bank is the main pillar of the payments business, and the observers are looking for significant shortcomings and bonds with trade.

To earn a Euro, Dutch bank has to spend 93 cents a year. It will not last long. Comparable compared to other European banks (UBS 82%, Santander 47%).

Duch Bank has been announced to cut costs. Rainer Hasselman, a Frankfurt Professor at Goehe University said, "I'm still behind the European competition. This makes it clear that the management chooses no strategy. Basically, the bank continues, and more profitable business can not be strategically focused, explains Haselman.

Is merging with Commerzbank?

Over the years, the merger of Commerzbank, a German private bank, the second, is again guessed. Partially, the federal government is partially endorsing a merger with nationalized commercial banks. It is not a success story to bring together banking gaps with two gaps together. Although German economy requires a German bank, the German bank does not need. James Peter Kraale's criticism of "today's thinking is thinking today" SAFE is at the University of Gay University, University of Mera. There will be more of a link between the European Institutes.

The problem here is, for example, on the side of the UBS site, due to the low market price of the German partner's Duke Bank. Financially, this is meaningless and can not be implemented politically. Hazelman, an economist, warns: "If each country asks for national championship, we have 25 national champions in the banking market, but many banks have little demand in the European market."

Since Deutsche Bank is not as secure, merger may not be possible in the next few months. The banks are reiterating their profits. This is not a surprising discovery.

On January 31, 2019, Infirodio reported on the topic at 11:37.

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