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Drugs containing the Valsaron remembering Mylan

Another producer recalled anti-hypertension, including Valvesarten. Which batches are affected, read here.

Do not use the medicines containing the Valsartan Valsartan from Milan Laboratories Limited. It reports "Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung," a communication from a European drug agency agency.

Remember: These drugs apply to myel

N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) is available in the Valsartan batches of Impurities makers. Suspected of cancer. Following products and batches are affected by the announcement of the company:

  • Versaron Distance 40 mg, 80 mg, 160 mg, 320 mg
    28, 56, 98 film filled tablets
    PZN 09239582, 09239599, 09239607, 09239613, 09239636, 09333803, 09333826
  • Walshthan / Hutch Multi 80 mg / 12.5 mg, 160 mg / 12.5 mg, 160 mg / 25 mg, 320 mg / 12.5 mg, 320 mg / 25 mg
    6, 98 film filled tablets
    PZN 10054959, 10054965, 10054971, 10054988, 10054994, 10055002, 10055019, 10055025, 10055031, 10055048)

Do not even interrupt the therapy

The European Medicines Agency on Drug Safety in Europe says that patients do not have immediate risks. Like previous NDMA or NDEA, drugs for quicker prevention are more common. Instead you should contact your doctor or pharmacist.

During this summer, she was not obliged to withdraw the products contained in the various Valsettan products. It was not due to contamination due to carcinoma caused by cancerous neodomoside methylene (NDMA) waste. Since July, the Ministry of Health in the European Union has withdrawn various preparations from the market. In addition, the bats were called as a precautionary drug (Irberpton) as a precautionary measure of blood pressure.

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