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Do not work on good Friday, the European New Year is giving us


"You're calling me to commend me, do not you?", Anus Oberdar at the start of the conversation in Australia. Woods Lawyer, who has been deployed in the European Court of Justice, has been successful on Friday.

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On Tuesday, the ECJ ruled: Good Friday is Protestant, and only these suppliers are functional. It is still unclear how the government responds to this judgment. All the steps are "checked correctly," said Tuesday. The following circumstances are possible:

  • Vacation with supplements. If the government does not do anything, all the workforce celebrates a good vacation. Now, it's good Friday of this year, April 19. It will be good for the workers, but it's unlikely, because the economy's protest is loud.
  • No holiday surveillance for Protesters. The extra time has been spent on 600 million euros, and the economy is estimated. That is why let Protestants celebrate the celebration like the Protestant Bishop Brenner. But we will delete all associated needs. That is not the opposite of judgment; But the union is collapsing.
  • Term exchange. Good Friday will resume, but Easter Monday or White will be canceled on Monday. This "Super Weekend" – Good Friday from Easter Friday to Four Days – But Far.
  • Evangelical Face is a vacation. This is outside of the question for prostonian church, according to Bunner's. In today's cabinet, good Friday is the subject. (D. Nob)

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+ Trade Union Boss Wolfgang Katsiaan: "If the holiday is canceled, we will have a wrap with us"

In the AUSTIA interview ÖGB leader calls: "Good Friday should be a vacation for everyone."

"The European Court of Judges has decided, we do not need to talk about any of the counter-dealings here: Good Friday should be a vacation, and there are no surcharges for those who work anyway. The workers do not deserve it. "


"It is a shame to have many holidays in Austria every year, at least two or three holidays fall on a Sunday.

If you think you can take a vacation from the workers, we will have a wrap with us. "

– Rolf Gellsen (Economic Chamber): "Good Friday surcharges for all will be unacceptable"

Social Policy Expert in the Chamber of Commerce, Rolf Griener, in the AUSTRIA debate.

"If the lawmaker is to do so, the economy will suffer a lot of damage and the Austrian economy will have to pay € 600 million on every extra holiday, the Austrian European Union on 13 holidays, Germany is less and Italy is less and ECJ does not want to hurt the Austrian economy.


"A solution will be considered as the Protestant Bishop Bunker suggested:" The Protestant leave remains, supplementary food and a solution will be a barter: good Friday is a holiday, Easter will be canceled on Monday. "

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