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Dispute over low income

Vienna. On Wednesday, Sebastian Kurse and HC Stroke decided to resume their new welfare scheme after the cabinet meeting. Chancellor suggests that half of the bankers are foreigners. He justified a massive cut in multi-child families.

As Austria reports, a family with four children will receive only € 1.640 per month for € 2.227. In short: "If you have family allowance, you've got 3,000 euros – people who are going to work often are not." VP Club Bose August Vogue: "Who's Working, Do not be Stupid"

Strache stressed: "We have now adopted a more accurate, fair and equitable model in STWS."

When the OVV governments see this deal favorably, the SPÖ countries are listening to protests in Vienna, Carinthia, and Burgenland. People are still not talking to countries, Vinay Mayor Michael Ludwig was rumored. CAREER'S CAREER CAREER OSTREHIA: "This model is crazy."

  • Children. The cause of disturbing: it is less common in multi-child households, but future predicate with two children, AK predicts: EUR 1,605.26, the future is 125 euros. In the future, the third child receives 43.15 euros / months. One digit, later the government corrected. Tyrolin Provincial Councilor Gabriel Fisher (Greens): "It's not enough for milk powder."
  • Refuges. In the future – if they do not have good German language skills – you will get € 300 less.
  • Dispute about emergency assistance. But the original partition will only happen in 2019: emergency assistance is being modified. The Kursez did not mention that the small amount of insurance can reduce the low income for young people.

Hackers: "This will not play with us"

Peter Hacker© APA / Hans Cleus Tech

AUSTRALIAN: What do you say about the minimum mineralization? So the refuges will be reduced to 300 euros.

Peter Hacker: The confederation withdrew completely from its unification obligations. People should give the German courses themselves. If they can speak German, they get a € 300 bonus. It's disgusting. Obscene

Ustad: Child wounds?

Hacker: With all the obvious: it will not play in the Social Democracy! Children will not be losers here.

Austria: Finally, will not it be implemented in Vienna?

Hacker: No rule yet. When designing, we take it seriously. The shadowgeboxt so far is: Under € 300, there is no European euro. The five-year waiting period is applicable. Everything is cinnabar. For that, the government is pulling out children. We will resist.

Kaiser: "This is crazy"

Peter Kaiser© APA / Hans Punch

AUSTRALIAN: What do you say about the minimum mineralization?

Peter Kaiser: A madman.

Austria: Why?

Caesar: I do not know what it intends to bring down shortly with children. Foreigners or No-They are just a people. There are only one in three children with a minimum of 307,000 minors. We do not speak at least one percent of all social spending.

Austria: Citizens With Cure …

Caesar: … for people who do not have a school-certificate. This already affects Austrians and those already backward.

AUSTRALIA: Now what will Carrie do now?

Caesar: Let's see what the regional nurture that the law offers to us. But here is the future of many children – what kind of politics is that?


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