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Deal deal! From Nice to Massey Mario Balotelli


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Tuesday, 22.01.2019, 21:23

That has been solved! Mario Ballotte is moved from Nice to Olympic Marseille in Fries ligue. Matches a new club in a contract until the end of the 36th International season. 28-year-old medical examination on Wednesday

Balotly played for Nice in the last two and half years. Under the then current coach Lucien Fawar, he scored 43 goals in 66 games in the first two seasons. Since leaving the Swiss, the goaletter can not be convinced yet. He played last December's final appointment, and he scored his last goal in May 2018.

Masieli is already on Friday (unexpectedly) with Lille on Friday.

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The Austrian giant is 19-year-old Strengthening Yatek

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