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Cyber ​​Monday launched Monday by Black Monday


Save the previous one

We expect two big working days in the Amazon beginners like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in November. This year, the mail order company Cyber ​​Monday launched a week ago. "Cyber ​​Week" Baron hunters before saving money.

Cyber ​​Monday Week A week ago you can save money on Amazon.

Cyber ​​Monday Week A week ago you can save money on Amazon. (Source: alphaspirit /

Amazon will be entering cyberweek: This year, the Cyber ​​Monday Monday is the weekly week of offer from 19th to 26th November. During this period many offers will be available from different product areas. On November 23rd, the Black Fraud and Cyber ​​Monday featured discounts on discounts. These days, you can find the most attractive shopping giant offers.

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But for the first time there is a specific feature: Amazon Cyber ​​week will spread throughout the week on Monday. "Countdown", which starts on November 12, starts functioning day-by-day volcanoes and daily offers you can expect from 18th November. So you hunt for 14 days.

Particularly beneficial to the customers

Offer weekly you will be a key member of the offer within the premiums, as premium consumers can buy Blits 30 minutes before purchase. A subscription can cost you € 7.99 a month, or € 69 a year. We recommend the free trial period when you are not ready to accept a paid membership. How to get free trial month for the Amazon Prime and we explain in the LinkedIn Amazon Premium Review

Bargaining makes sure a clear view in the forest

Every day, the market market, Amazon or Saturn comes with innumerable offers. Tracking is difficult. Nesvele regularly checks various dealerships offers for you. We also say how much you are protecting whether or not the purchase of the device is valuable in the bargain.

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You can find out the current bargaining checks below:

When shopping on the Internet, not only bad deals but sometimes cheating. So, take our tips for safe online shopping. In this particular section you will learn how to pay safely to the Internet. If you would like to import from a foreign online shop to Germany, look at our special "import technology".

Bargaining hunters have a good idea of ​​the current flash offers of tech products.

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